Insurance Reinstatement Cost Assessments


Insurance reinstatement cost assessments are one of the most important considerations for a landlord or property owner.

There is a major risk having a property underinsured as this can result in the underwriter invoking the average clause in your policy, which can leave you significantly out of pocket.

JMC offers comprehensive insurance valuations based on up to date construction market costs, and our surveyors use their experience of construction technology and site knowledge to calculate a suitable insurance sum. There are rare occasions that a building is over-insured, which when reduced will result in reduced insurance premiums.

Insurance brokers tend to base their renewal premium based on inflation – however, inflation is not necessarily aligned with the construction market and therefore it is imperative that this calculation is carried out by a surveyor every 3 years.

JMC are a designated professional body and licensed to carry out insurance mediation work.

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