Planned & Preventative Maintenance


Pro-active maintenance is far more cost effective than reactive maintenance!
A Planned maintenance survey is an important tool to assist business owners, facilities managers and tenants alike in maintaining and improving their property over the course of its lifetime.

All building components will degrade over time and will require maintaining or upgrading. Implementing a planned maintenance strategy will ensure that the building will function safely and properly, aiming to pre-empt any potential issues, allowing the owner to deal with any significant issues even before they arise. As a long term option, this method of maintenance will seek to reduce the overall running cost of the building, whilst maintaining or even improving its true value.

JMC will provide an individually tailored plan for your property which will assess the current condition of the property and its requirement for long term maintenance. The report will typically be based on a 5, 10 or 20 year maintenance plan and will identify what action is required immediately and what should be done through the course of the plan. This will enable the client to budget for repairs, ensuring that sufficient funding is in place when needed.

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