Property Investment


In the current uncertain economic climate, investors are increasingly turning to commercial property investment as a means to provide a generous return on their savings, whilst keeping the risks involved to a minimum. JMC Surveyors provide a range of services in this area – including:

Sourcing investments

Our clients have varying requirements, and we source properties which match those desires. Some investors prefer to ensure that they receive a larger return from the investment (in which case the risk of the investment will be proportionally higher) whilst for others, it is important to ensure that the risk involved in the investment is low and in turn will accept a lower return of income to reflect this. Other requirements often relate to the value of the property and its location.

Through our network of contacts, we are regularly notified about property investment opportunities prior to them being put to market – this provides us with the significant advantage of being able to conduct our due diligence on the property before it is seen by a large number of other investors.

Establishing syndication groups

Although investing as an individual provides the investor with control and flexibility, some investors prefer to invest as part of a syndicate. This could be to reduce the risk, or simply because the lot size of the property is too large for a single investor. JMC Surveyors have a number of clients who are seeking to form syndicates and we are able to create syndicate groups consisting of members who share similar requirements.  JMC manage the entire syndication process, and once the investment has been purchased we will account and distribute proceeds on a quarterly basis to the syndicate members.

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